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Politics and Media.The audiovisual representation of family made by the Pci and the Dc during the fifties

di Elisabetta Girotto
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 47 (2014), p. 153

The audiovisual production by Dc and Pci during the fifties had a clear pedagogical intention. Political information, culture and propaganda reveal social models and cultural stereotypes, with the aim to create a citizen’s prototype depending on party’s ideology. The deconstruction of the narrative codes shows the strong aim of the two organizations to control and embank the fast evolution of the civil society. In this perspective, the public use of the family is a perfect object for this ideological campaign; the mixture of emotions and feelings in the everyday life, in the society and inside the institutions refers to the relationship between public and private spheres, that is a deep mark during this tense decade. Keywords: Family, Pci, Dc, Propaganda, Audiovisual document, Home movies.