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Memoria e Ricerca

Subaltern historiography in a global perspective

di Marianna Scarfone
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 40 (2012), p. 39

After briefly considering the influence of Gramsci’s thought on the founders of Subaltern Studies in India, the author outlines the theoretical and thematic transformation which the approach went through since the mid eighties, under the inspiration of the “cultural turn”. In the second part of her essay Scarfone traces the spread of Subaltern Studies to other parts of the world, such as East Asia, Latin America and Europe, thanks also to the multiplier function of American and European universities. Whereas its influence on post-colonial and cultural studies is sizable, Subaltern Studies never became a widely recognized model to the practice of historiography,  partly because of its later full immersion in postmodern waters. However, its contribution to the theory of history as a discipline and as practice should not be underestimated. Key words: Subaltern Studies, Cultural History, History of Historiography, Indian Historiography, World Histor, Global Perspective