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Nicola Chiaromonte and the Spanish Civil War

di Cesare Panizza
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 39 (2012), p. 157

This essay reconstructs the involvement of Nicola Chiaromonte in the Spanish Civil War. For very short this experience was in fact an episode of great importance for his biography(life experience). Chiaromonte was an anti-fascist which was exiled in France. In August 1936 Chiaromente went to Madrid convinced that the defense of the Spanish republic coincides with the beginning of an international mobilization against Fascism. There he becomes a bomber with the air squadron organized by his friend the writer André Malraux. At the end of November he returned to France because he feels exhausted revolutionary hopes that had animated the popular resistance to the military coup, also because of the increasingly important role assumed by the Communist International in the republican camp. Key words: Spanish Civil War, Italian anti-fascism, André Malraux, role of intellectuals, communism, politics and violence