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The Wall in the time of the Wall, the Wall in the time of the Wende, the Wall today. Events, memories, fictions, myths

di Camilla Poesio
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 39 (2012), p. 65

This article focuses on the different identities “produced” by the Berlin Wall in the time of the construction, of the so-called Wende, of the German reunification. The interest of the subject lies in the different readings of the relationship between Oriental and Occidental German people. During the Wende there was an effort to create a single German identity (“Wir sind ein Volk”), but after the reunification came out an artificial antithesis between Ossis and Wessis in order to bring out the different biographic experiences. Key words: Berlin’s wall, Wende, Montagsdemonstrationen, Public memory and german identity, Ostalgie, Westalgie