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In the Shadow of the Berlin Wall: (De) constructing the Memory of a Divided City in Gorizia and Nova Gorica

di katja Skrlj
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 39 (2012), p. 51

Paper focuses on two small provincial cities on Slovenian - Italian border, Italian Gorizia and Slovenian Nova Gorica. It examines the construction of collective memory in the 20th century up to the year 2007, when the Schengen border has been removed and the «wall» between the «divided cities» has finally been torned down. The analysis has focused on identity formation, on everyday life in the cities after the second world war, and people bitter- sweet stories and memories of living with the border. Key words: Gorizia/Nova Gorica, politics of memory, border, 20th century, everyday life, ordinary people