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Memoria e Ricerca

Fragments from a geographical-naturalistic discussion about the Great War: the Trentino case

di Diego Leoni
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 1 (1998), p. 101

The first world war is analysed here through the changes imposed by the war itself on the territory on which it was fought. The research takes its impulse from the "Trentino Case", an Alpine region disputed by Italy and Austria in which the armed conflict took place as the extension of a scientific and mountaineering challenge that the Italian and Austrian middle classes had been involved in for some years. The mountain war fought in this limited Alpine territory had characteristics different from the war fought on other fronts, also due to its long and short term effects on the organisation of the area in question. These are analysed here from very different points of view and with disciplinary instruments which are not usually employed in the study of the phenomenon of war.