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Memoria e Ricerca

The importance of the eye. History communication among papers, illustrations and images: the activity of Cliomedia

di Andrea Del Vanga, Giovanni Focardi
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 29 (2008), p. 189

Cliomedia Officina, managed by Chiara Ottaviano, has been dealing with historical research for about twenty years. This firm experimented various forms of cultural production by applying computer technology and the internet to multimedia projects, communication, archives, and history e-learning/teaching activities. In the last few years, Cliomedia Officina focused both on enciclopedic paper works, and on multimedia products concerning Fascist dictatorship (FASCISM). The article highlights the way these works have been built, from the point of view of the authors and the digital contents. Moreover, through the interpreting category of the public use of history, it reflects also on how such products were received and on some possible ways for using them.