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Memoria e Ricerca

The imperfect diarchia. Army and politics in the Great War

di Daniele Ceschin
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 28 (2008), p. 41

The article takes in examination the conflicts of competence between the political sphere and that military during the Great War. If the amplification of the military powers in comparison to those civilians represented one of the lines common to all the countries, the Italian case saw an amplification of the military power that is invested of competences that went over the management of the operations of war: the control of the public order, the repression of the “home enemy”, the militarization of the industrial production, the jurisdiction of the busy territories and inside the zone of war, the management of the internments. The new course of the internal politics beginning from Caporetto didn’t miss to create other conflicts between army and government. The repressive turn and the militarization of the Italian society were inserted in a discourse of long period and it not only resulted functional to the behavior of the conflict, but also to an authoritarian involution of the liberal State.