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A dualistic history? The Emilia-Romagna’s territory

di Maurizio Ridolfi
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 22 (2006), p. 67

The space of Emilia Romagna it has been formed in the centuries but it has found its definition only at the beginning of political unification. It is a history marked from a recurring shatterings, that were the consequences of the different political-institutional heritages. Regional identity has been set up in an “open” and pluralistic way, without the new political-administrative body undoing the manifold expressions of civic, cultural and historical traditions. In the variety of possible identities (national, regional, local) the case of Emilia Romagna has been enriched with the achievement of a balanced social development model. The historical-administrative synthesis has merged the solid components, deeply-rooted in the traditional and diffuse associationism and in the participation to public life, with the Resistance’s reference and with that development’s model. Democracy of community appears the peculiar trait of regional identity in a long period. It’s a peculiarity in a redifinition way, cause the Welfare’s crisis, but not in a sponging out way.