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Conflict of Memories: the Great War at the Museum of Rovereto

di Fabrizio Rasera, Camillo Zadra
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 7 (2001), p. 15

This article reconstructs the history of the Italian war history museum in Rovereto between 1919 and the second world conflict, highlighting the precocity of the initiative and the fact that it was the work of a group of citizens who aimed at giving the museum a national and international profile. The museum did not simply celebrate the Italian victory, but also the Italian-ness of the "redeemed lands" via the exhibition of relics from the times of the Austrian administration as well as objects and monuments of German culture present on the territories recently annexed. Notwithstanding its perfect fitting with the extreme nationalism of the times, in the 1930s and Forties the museum was forced to defend itself from both Austro-German complains concerning its exhibits and the availability of the Italian government to give a hearing to such complains.