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Memoria e Ricerca

From «frozen memory» to the encounter of remembrance Memorials to the Second World War in Tito’s Yugoslavia

di Heike Karge
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 21 (2006), p. 81

Public remembrance in Yugoslavia, and in Eastern Europe in general, can not be subsumed under the label of Â?official remembrance”. Instead, the 1960s show a much greater diversity in terms of agents and practices of public remembrance, a diversity, that can be traced on the level of local, communal as well as all-Yugoslav remembrance practices. These practices had been forceful incentives to change even parts of the official war narrative. Approaching the topic of public war remembrance from this perspective will highlight aspects of agency and creativity of the various actors involved, avoiding thus a depiction of the political elite as the only forceful “memory agent”.