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Moderns crusaders: from the republican political words to the pro-Franco propaganda in the Spanish war

di Eduardo Gonzales Calleja, Francisco Sevillano
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 13 (2003), p. 89

The “brutalization of politics” in Europe after the First World War, and specifically during the Republican period in Spain, manifests the important role played by symbols in increasing political tension, through subversive projects and violent discourse. In this climate, the onset of the Spanish Civil War produced a shift in the violent political discourse of the right and of the Monarchist and Falangist far right of the Republican period. This discourse emerged as a new circumstance, a violence exerted in the new political situation following the initial failure of the coup d’état of 18 July 1936, as evidenced by the creation of an official political discourse legitimising the authority of “Nationalist Spain”.