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The Port of Pireus from 1935 to the End of the 20 th Century: an Outline

di Vassias Tsokopoulos
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 11 (2002), p. 99

This article reviews the course of the port of Piraeus from the founding of the new city in 1835 until today. It deals with the competition of Piraeus with the two economic capitals of Greece in the 19 th century, i.e. Hermoupolis and Partras, as well as with the climbing of Piraeus to the leading position within the Greek State. The article also refers to the renewal of the technical infrastructure of the port and the modernisation of its services after 1923 , which led to the establishment of the Piraeus Port Authority in 1930 . It also points out the demographic, industrial and social stagnation of the post-war city, in contrast to the continuous development of the port, being considered as one of the biggest in the Mediterranean sea with a sizeable share, in recent years, in the respective container traffic and a vast growth of the passenger function.