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From the Catalonian-Balearic Grand Lodge to the Spanish Grand Lodge:

di Pere Sánchez Ferré
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 4 (1999), p. 45

This essay deals with the history of the chief masonic group in Catalonia in the period of the Spanish Restoration and the dictatorial government of Primo de Rivera (1886-1930). The Catalonian-Balearic Grand Lodge was inspired by a very strong political commitment: it had been founded by men devoted to the ideal of a federal republic, met with favour in leftist circles particularly, and grew to be one of the pillars of the Spanish anti-clerical movement. Most of its members were tradesmen, professionals and office workers; in its early stage the lodge supported Catalonian nationalism. In 1921 it turned into the Spanish Grand Lodge and became gradually active on a national scale, in favour of a federal system, both in political life and the organization of masonic societies.