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Memoria e Ricerca

Streets, rails, wires, microphones: the communication networks in Europe during the XIX century

di Mario Coglitore
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 45 (2014), p. 67

Starting from the Enlightenment a new idea and practice of territory were developed. In particular the role of mobility – roads and travelling – grew massively, making available an innovative concept of distance and measure of the wold. It was a technical and philosophical revolution, based upon networks, promoted mostly in the field of transport and communication, which largely took place in Europe, contributing to the modernization of the developed world. The industrial revolution boosted some great achievements in this sector also at the urban scale: railways, telegraph, electricity, putting infrastructure in the middle of the astonishing changes in the process of reshaping time and space. Keywords: Transport, Communication, Electricity, Urban infrastructure, Technology, Time