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The EEC and developing countries: the contradictions arising from agricultural policy (1957-1992)

di Giuliana Laschi
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 30 (2009), p. 37

The EEC doesn’t have a proper foreign policy, so the international dimension of the Community has grown on a sui generis foreign policy, in which doesn’t always coexist community and national interests. Given the intergovernmental nature of the external issues of the EEC, on international policy of the Community has been relevant the member states and their individual action in foreign policy. The international role of the EEC was not produced by overall political choices, but rather from external action of internal policies. Action that often produces and has produced incoherent results between the European policies of agriculture, trade and development cooperation, which are often in conflict with each other and thus threaten to undermine their potential positive effects. The policies analysed in historical perspective are able to outline not only the inside action of the Community as expression of the composition of national positions, but also the international aims of the EEC, even in the absence of a proper foreign policy.