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«Olimpionica». “Fascistization” and “Italianization” of sport in the fascist propaganda of late twenti

di Maddalena Carli
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 27 (2008), p. 79

In spite of triunphalist tones of the official propaganda, the institutional re-assessment started in 1925 with the nomination of Lando Ferretti at the presidency of CONI, was far from being an ultimate solution to the difficult condition of the maximum sport bureau of Italy: being fascist it should be nationalized. The article will propose some considerations on the polarization characterizing the regime sport politics in the second part of the 20s starting from traces we can find in a minor magazine: “Olimpica” (1927-28), informal tribune of CONI during the delicate biennium of its transformation in “agency depending on the fascist national party” and of the preparation to the Olympic Games of Amsterdam in 1928.