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Memoria e Ricerca

Electoral Transactions.

di Michel Offerlé
in Memoria e Ricerca n.s. 8 (2001), p. 31

Candidats and voters in the French campaign at the ninetheen century. As a "socio-historian", the author wants to insert "campaigning" procedures during the period 1848-1914 in France, inside the broadest procedures of selection of the political elite's and all the democratic mechanism conducing towards a political legitimization of the system in an elective democracy. Electors and candidates are both learning their role in an emerging democratic competition during this period. In order to analyze this process, Offerlé try first to describe the legal background of the system before analyzing how, during the period, a "political offer" towards the "electoral and the political market" is changing. Doing this, he tries to establish a typology of available electoral transactions at the end of the xixth century in France. Finally, Offerlé describes the role of the voters during an electoral campaign in order to understand what was the - by that time- perception and understanding of the significance of the vote itself for all new French citizens.